Renewable energies

In the renewable energy industry, electrical insulation materials are critical. New energy technologies such as solar panels, fuel cells and biomass require, in fact, technical applications for the insulation realized with high performance materials and products. 

It is important, for example, that insulated panels, textile products for high temperatures and microporous dielectric insulating joints for hydrogen fuel cells are manufactured with great care and with very high-quality materials. In other words, to achieve high energy and thermal efficiency, we need truly effective and innovative solutions.

ISP deals with the selection and sale of cutting-edge electrical insulation materials for the renewable energy industry. Specifically, we have insulated panels for both external and internal use that can optimize the performance of solar panels, as well as special materials such as ETP copper stampings and electrical insulators in ceramic materials, used to produce Fuel Cells. 

Moreover, by closely following the developments of the markets and collaborating with prestigious universities, we are able to modify or improve what is normally available on the market, in order to optimize its technical performance without forgetting that it must have an economic return compatible with the reference market.

In addition, where possible, we always check that our proposals are consistent with the disposal needs and, more importantly, aligned with the new policies in terms of recycling of materials proposed, in order to offer a virtuous circle on environmental impact.

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