Sound insulation

ISP can offer high-performance materials and solutions for insulation and noise pollution. We deal with sound-absorbing and soundproofing materials, walls for acoustic insulation, technical doors for Hotels and Contracts and specific products that can remove all problems that may arise both in the industrial and modern construction fields.

In an industrial setting, sound insulation is critical to ensure the best comfort possible in the workplace. We can provide practical solutions that are both sophisticated, economically compatible, and capable of maintaining operator safety. This is always done in order to propose environmentally friendly solutions that are relevant to the customer’s requirements, also verifying with measuring instruments what is the problem to be solved in the specific environment.

As for the architectural field, one must refer to specific noise pollution laws, both national and international, with which all public buildings are required to comply. ISP specializes in developing efficient and innovative solutions using high-performance materials that achieve optimal results, without the need for costly structural interventions. Often these solutions are designed to be incorporated into multiple solutions, such as fire doors with superior acoustic features for Hotels or Contracts with high quality environmental comfort.

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