Electrical insulation

ISP specializes in providing solutions and products for electrical insulation. 

In the field of mechanical insulation, it may not always be so easy to find the solution to a particular problem, especially if the project dates back a few years ago, when some insulation materials contained percentages of asbestos (now rightly banned) 

We are, however, able to provide the best answers to your needs by using asbestos-free materials capable of meeting high technical (compression and temperature) and structural standards.

Specifically, we have at our disposal polyurethane resin-based materials (up to 80 ° C), epoxy (100-150 ° C) and phenolic (400 ° C), or even materials that can withstand temperatures up to 1000 ° C and that can meet any technical requirement. The offer is completed by the sealing gaskets and the various sleeves and packings, all suitably treated.

We carefully select and offer Mica, G11, GPO3, ceramic insulators and many other types of electrical insulators. We can also provide custom-made products that meet the needs of the most diverse electrical insulation systems on the market.

All these materials are normally supplied according to drawings, as they require special tools and complex processes – processes that are difficult and time-consuming for traditional tools.

Moreover, we also provide hybrid solutions that allow the improvement of single products and, therefore, to increase the performance of the insulation without compromising the costs and lowering the ordinary maintenance time.

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