Industrial thermal insulation and for glass industry

ISP supplies materials and develops specific solutions for industrial thermal insulation. On many of our products – which will lead to the best technical solutions required on their own or combined – K, Lambda and other fundamental values are often specifically listed.

ISP has an entire range of refractory and insulating products at its disposal, in order to meet any requirements relating to the foundry processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In these fields, it is just as important to wear high-performance protective clothing that is also resistant to temperatures exceeding 1000°C. 

Optimizing such solutions in a green perspective is one of our main Focuses, in continuous and direct synergy with our customers according to the specific NDAs provided to us (in order to reassure customers about the confidentiality of the information, we can provide them with the best solutions and with the best performance, both in terms of technique and final cost, reducing – where possible – maintenance time).

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