Glass Industry

ISP deals with the selection and supply of materials suitable for thermal insulation in the glass industry. Specifically, we deal with rollers and technical fabrics for curved glass, as well as plates for blowing tables and special protective clothing. 

In the production processes of the most innovative glassworks, as well as in the more traditional ones, more and more effective and specific materials for thermal insulation are sought, both for the production phase and for the safety of the plant personnel. It often happens that it is precisely the most unusual solutions that lead to considerable savings in the production process, as well as reducing maintenance times.

With the high temperatures that are common in this industry, in fact, the safety of employees also depends on the choice of lighter and more durable protective clothing, which can simultaneously reduce fatigue and stress.



As far as aluminium and non-ferrous material foundries are concerned, in the continuous process of evolution and refinement of production techniques, traditional materials are almost always used – these are obviously still effective, but they are not always able to optimize casting processes. There are alternatives that can combine production requirements with the safety of the personnel involved. ISP selects and supplies refractory materials for foundries that meet these two requirements.

Finally, in a ferrous materials foundry, the choice of materials is often affected by high temperatures, and this can compromise the modernization of production processes. Instead, more suitable, and versatile is protective clothing, which can be adapted with specific weights and efficiencies to meet staff needs. 

ISP can find the best and most innovative solutions for its customers to be implemented in different industries, both in terms of the choice of suitable refractory materials and of foundry protective clothing.