Thermal and acoustic insulation for construction

Modern architectures are designed with systems that must increasingly meet the technical requirements of high performance, both in terms of protection and fire compartmentalization. All this while maintaining high aesthetic and lightness features. 

In addition, it is necessary to comply with current EN standards, while designing systems suited to innovative needs, open to the future.

With the 1995 law on noise pollution, public buildings are also required to comply with precise safety requirements (which often, unfortunately, does not happen). The acoustic performance of materials should, in short, ensure ideal comfort. 

With a rigorous analysis, it would be possible to find practical solutions to such adjustments without having to intervene heavily on the structure. Nowadays, there is in fact the possibility of finding materials with high acoustic performance in order to correct the various environments so that they comply with the law. 

ISP can provide thermal insulation for buildings and innovative solutions for acoustic insulation. For modern building constructions, we have EI or REI doors, armored and high thermal K doors, as well as panels and walls for fire compartmentalization, floating and self-laying floors that can satisfy the building needs of hotels, public institutions, and industries.

As part of the continuous research of green products, our philosophy is based on the pursuit of materials that can be recycled or recyclable with the intention of providing thermal Lambda close to the value of 0.015, without forgetting the need for an economic cost adequate to the needs of the market.

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