Innovative Green insulation for the building industry

ISP has always been sensitive to the use of new materials and eco-sustainable technologies. By directly collaborating with the best Italian and foreign manufacturers, we can offer the most advanced technical solutions, often brand new, that can also bring an economic and productive advantage to the end customer.

We can provide cutting-edge solutions to all those areas that intend to equip themselves, for example, with an eco-sustainable thermal coat, or who wish to opt for the installation, in one or more sensitive points, of a totally green thermal insulation material, which is both environmentally friendly and economically beneficial.

It is also necessary to keep in mind several requirements regarding green thermal insulation:

  • It must have features that comply with today’s high-performance requirements, in order to meet the most severe thermal regulations required, also in order to obtain government grants.
  • First, it must be possible to overcome the limits, even for the renovation of old buildings, where it is not possible to insulate from the outside, but it is necessary to do it internally, with the lowest possible thickness, while maintaining Lambda that allow to reach the required insulation and thermal K.

One of the requirements is also to implement such solutions without forgetting that, in the future, they must be easily recyclable and, therefore, without affecting the circular disposal system.

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