Solutions for the Railway industry

In the Railways construction industry, there is a need to use lightweight but robust materials with the necessary certification. In this area, ISP is always looking for new effective combinations that can keep high standards for both thermal and acoustic insulation.

We are also capable of creating innovative technologies that speed up the construction of floors and imperials.

Specifically, we produce and design flooring solutions that drastically reduce the number of hours needed to manufacture these parts, while maintaining the necessary structural solidity and improving the convenience of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

We do the same for external bulkheads and imperials, using where possible products that can be recycled or recyclable when refitting, always aiming at green products that can – in the context of CO2 saving – be used both for maintenance of existing vehicles and for new projects. 

We also realize chimney-breakers and arch-breakers using asbestos-free materials that still preserve thermo-electric insulation properties suitable for the current needs of high-speed trains.

On the other hand, for the maintenance of rail and tram vehicles, where there is a need to restore parts in which the “old” materials can no longer be used, we can propose other updated solutions, even for small series and by design, with any existing vetronite that can meet the necessary safety requirements, both standard and in compliance with EMA and Flame retard regulations, and with specific electrical insulator features.

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