White goods industry

We have always been innovators in the insulation industry in Italy. During these years, we have sold historical companies and the technologies developed so far to foreign multinationals with a worldwide vision.

Today it is increasingly relevant to design and manufacture products with thermal K requirements and a 100% all recyclable capacity. All this must be done without losing sight of the need to use technologies and materials that improve thermal insulation for induction hobs, traditional or glass-ceramic, or for washing machines and refrigerators.

Each type of production clearly has different needs, but each of them has a unique purpose, which is to have excellent performance; it is also necessary, with foresight, to keep in mind the need to facilitate disposal at the product’s end of life, using recycled and recyclable products as much as possible. We are, therefore, careful to use Freon-free products in line with current regulations.

For washing machines and dryers, it is advisable to replace the current insulation – which has limited durability – with long-lasting products that improve acoustic comfort, with low weight, high sound absorption or special anti-vibration rubbers and design.

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