Fire protection

ISP is highly specialized in the design of specific fire compartmentation products. We also provide non-combustible materials, as well as consulting and assistance in the implementation of EI tests and for UL or other fire applications. 

In particular, we can evaluate and compete in projects where there is a need to innovate and/or improve activities where certifications have been outdated by current regulations, in various settings, which may be civil, rail, naval or automotive.

Our expertise and evaluation of thousands of products allows us to apply the most suitable response and design specific – and, if necessary, exclusive – solutions that can provide long-term benefits in a market which is often aligned with customary solutions and not very innovation-oriented. 

We are also innovators in protection systems up to EI120 for overhead ducts, with practical and easy-to-install solutions.

Last but not least, at least 70% of “wood” fire doors normally used for Hotels or Contracts are ISP projects in which we have often researched Fireproof EI and acoustic solutions in the same door element, thinking both about acoustic efficiency (from 30 to 36Rwdb) and fire protection (from EI30 to EI 120). The same approach has been also studied in the elevator industry, carrying out projects with thin walls for major international and national manufacturers.

In many cases, we produce and supply the materials necessary to produce these products, which must meet precise ministerial homologations and European Uni-EN and International non-EU standards.

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