Insulation for Aviation

ISP also provides insulation for the aircraft and ULM industries. Specifically, we can produce custom-made flame protection bulkheads between cabin/engine for both standard and Rotax engines, which are both light and effective in guaranteeing the thermal and acoustic insulation of the aircraft and increasing its comfort.

Many of our products have also been perfected for the aeronautical field, such as silicone insulated tubes for high temperatures, manifold protection, flame, and heat shields.

We produce panels with a specific thermal insulation function for portholes and bulkheads, where lightness must be combined with high thermal efficiency and with the absence of frost spots, or unsuitable condensation that at aeronautical altitudes can cause dangerous ice spots.

We can also supply pre-pregs in any type and fabric, from glass to basalt to carbon, even in small quantities, and satisfy the maintenance needs of various national Aeroclubs.

Our main goal is to always be able to provide products and materials suitable to our customers’ needs and, where possible, to offer solutions that improve performance and reduce maintenance and runway downtime.

We also manufacture products that can act as thermal covers for aircraft, whether it be where there are problems with high temperatures or sub-zero temperatures, or for the protection of refueling points or lubricant storage areas.

To find out more about our products and the materials we use to make our aircraft insulation panels, please contact us.