Naval equipment, ship construction and platforms

The fitting out and construction of ships and oil platforms require state-of-the-art materials, solutions, and structural techniques, especially the use of B15 or B0 class partition materials built with IMO-MED certified materials. On the other hand, for the engines, the insulations must meet engine performance and lightness requirements that contribute, at the same time, to achieve significant energy savings. 

Thermal protection for exhaust pipes and Commonrail engines, and that of creating light structures, and for new cruise ships with light and functional panels in accordance with IMO MED standards. All of this, however, without requiring overly complicated or expensive structural changes. 

The same is true for some military constructions, where lighter materials with ballistic performance can lighten structures that would otherwise be ineffective and outdated.

In the shipbuilding industry, the current reference standard for all types of fittings – which must now comply with MED certifications – are the IMO standards. 

ISP, in this area, has already certified products at its disposal, and is designing products for naval cabins with B15 walls and doors, fireproofing, hygiene boxes, technical fabrics for mattresses and valve covers.

All this always with an eye to optimizing weights and costs and trying to use materials that can be easily recycled with other uses in the refitting phase, contributing to the GREEN PLAN of European interest.

At last, for the platforms, we can supply both mattresses for false ceilings and materials that contribute to the fire compartmentation, indispensable in these facilities.

To know more about materials for shipbuilding and the fire-resistant insulation panels treated by ISP, do not hesitate to contact us.